1. Consultation:


Once you have identified your project its beneficial to create a "wish list". You may want to consider discussing the details with other individuals (family members etc.) that will have input in the design. For some, creating a wish list together is their preference.

Occasionally people will compile their wish lists separately then get together and compare notes.

We feel that it can be beneficial to create a list of pet peeves of things you have experienced in previous homes that you want to avoid in your new home. 

During the initial consultation, designer and client will discuss the scope of work being considered with enough detailed information to develop preliminary design drawings.

The experience I have in the profession since 1979 provides the opportunity to collaborate with my clients in successfully developing wish lists.

It's common to establish a budget in the early stages. Even a theoretical budget is extremely helpful to design your project accordingly.

2. Preliminary design drawings:


After compiling your criteria the next step is to develop preliminary drawings reflecting your desires. In designing a new home the preliminary drawings can include floor plans and the relative exterior elevations of the home. 


3. Design development: 


The design development process typically consist of 1-3 design concepts with intermediate meetings that can result in revisions until you're satisfied with the design.

This process is necessary prior to developing construction documents. (Aka:"Blueprints")


4. Construction documents


Construction documents are the detailed technical drawings intended for approval (obtain building permits) to start the building of your project. We'll advocate for you in obtaining the permits for your project. For those not familiar with the permitting process it can be intimidating and frustrating. Once your plans are approved you're ready to get started!


5. Concierge design service is your option: 


The relationships we have developed with contractors, suppliers and other valuable resources through the years provide an opportunity to have them available to you to ease the building process.

It's our goal to work with you to insure that your project is completed to your satisfaction. We strongly suggest you keep us involved accordingly to insure your project has been finished as intended.

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